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Phonology Laboratory

Dokuz Eylül University Department of Linguistics Phonology Laboratory was put into service in 2015. The Phonology Laboratory has been opened to the undergraduate, graduate and doctorate students and the faculty members of the department, who conduct interdisciplinary studies with research faculty members.

There is an isolated and echo free room in the phonology laboratory and sound recordings are taken in this room. In the management room, there is the necessary technical equipment for recording and analyzing the sounds. The technical equipment used in the Phonology Laboratory is as follows:

  • 1 i7 quad-core iMac
  • 1 TC Electronic Impact Twin sound processor
  • 1 Mackie VLZ-4 8 Channel Sound Mixer
  • 2 M-Audio BX5 Studio Monitor Set
  • 2 Rode NT1-A Condenser Microphone
  • 1 M-Audio Reference Headset
Here is a sample study using the facilities of Phonology Laboratory:
  • Sargın, M., & Koşaner, Ö. (2016). Transgender Language: What Makes Turkish Male Homosexual Language Distinctive? Open Journal of Modern Linguistics, 6, pp. 119- 126.

Click on the link to see the article.